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Historically top quality talent does not respond to job postings or attend job fairs, as they are too busy in their current jobs. A professional recruiter takes time to identify the talent a company needs, validate that a potential candidate actually has the skill set needed, and can provide the company a candidate shortlist faster and more efficiently than internal HR teams. External professional recruiting and contract staffing firms focus on a company’s needs and do not face the pressure a company may have to hire individuals based on favoritism and who usually are not the best candidate for the job. Professional recruitment services can help even out the differences between small startups and hugh established multinationals.

Afghanistan has an abundance of educated but unemployed youth. Young job seekers do have the capacity, but they are not aware of employment opportunities or the finer aspects of conducting a professional job search.

Our process starts with identifying what our client company truly needs in a person and then we go find that person.

We don't just put up a posting an hope that the person our client needs will stumble across it, we go out and build, using all of the tools available, a targeted network of high potential people. We narrow that list down to an appropriate short list for our client to interview.

Building that network to choose good candidates from is a start but it doesnt get the right person to be hired by our client. Depending on the clients needs we interview the candidates, verify their fit with the client's needs and help prepare the candidate and the client for their meeting

We work closely with both to put together the right opportunity, help with the transition of the candidate to their new company and assist in the onboarding and orientation process to make sure that the person our client hires propers

Helping companies find the right people is one aspect of what we can do, just as important is our ability to help many more candidates do teh things they need to , in order to find, get and grow in their right next job

Combining live training sessions with great technology we offer our MyHuntPath career education and management platform.

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The professional recruiting industry is still nascent in Afghanistan, but it is about to receive a large boost from the launch of SearchPath professional recruiting services. SearchPath International (SPI) is a top-tier global recruitment and professional development network, and it operates through a network of franchise offices located within the primary urban centers of Afghanistan – all of them women-owned. Over the past few months, SPI management identified dynamic female entrepreneurs to own and lead these recruitment franchise businesses. This business model is sustainable and enables SPI recruitment professionals to find and place skilled workers for employers while simultaneously developing their own careers and those of others.

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